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introduction to massage and emotional healing


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Music and Massage
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I love you to hear music you've never heard before,  soothing you into a place that feels ultimately comfortable, althought unknown.  I want  you to feel like you're in a new place where there is no limit to the healing that happens.  I want the music to not remind you of anything in your past.

Music is part of the massage.  I move to the rhythm and nuance.  The music pulls and holds: I pull and hold.  A song ends and guess what... we just finished your shoulders and moving into a new rhythm and now down the back.

introduction to massage and emotional healing

Massage is an amazing tool for healing the body.  It is obvious to most people that massage addresses the needs of achy muscles, but there are many more healing aspects to massage therapy.  I'll start with the aspect that massage puts the person who owns the body in touch with the body!  It's surprising how many times I touch an area and the client says, "Wow!  I didn't know I was sore there!"  But there is much more to that picture than meets the eye.  There are emotional hurts that get stuck in the soft tissues of our bodies.
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