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introduction to massage and emotional healing

Massage is an amazing tool for healing the body.  It is obvious to most people that massage addresses the needs of achy muscles, but there are many more healing aspects to massage therapy.  I'll start with the aspect that massage puts the person who owns the body in touch with the body!  It's surprising how many times I touch an area and the client says, "Wow!  I didn't know I was sore there!"  But there is much more to that picture than meets the eye.  There are emotional hurts that get stuck in the soft tissues of our bodies.

I have had clients during a massage come to understand some aspect of an emotional trauma they've experienced by linking the experience with the part of the body being massaged.  When something is troubling them and they are looking for answers and they are not sure where to find them sometimes massage opens the door to revelation.  When the part of the body where the pain is stored is being treated the person may begin to feel connected to the past hurt through the body.  The intent of me as the massage therapist is for the client to let go and release the emotional and physical pain of the past event.  When another person (me) can feel and acknowledge what your body and your psyche are going through it gives you permission to let it go.  The client may give long sighs of relief, shed a few cleansing tears or even laugh to release the emotions that have been trapped in their soft tissues as emotional energy.

There are other aspect to this side of healing massage that I will continue to write about in future installments.  Since this is my first one I'm really excited to push 'post' and see how a blog looks on my website!

I am continually surprised to meet people who've been on this planet for decades who have not as yet experienced massage.  It is always my pleasure to be the first to introduce them.  Please consider visiting me! 

~Dezana Aman

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